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Discover what's going on inside Hagerstown's first ever 
family photo and video studio

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What we value at Era family photo & video

Era owner Chris Hiltz is a passionate husband and parent of two who loves and cherishes the family unit. He also owns Maryland's largest wedding photo and video company, TLIC Media. 

Below you will find the values that motivated Chris to open Era.

  • Life passes by, sieze the moments that matter most

    Every day my kids do something silly, sassy, or downright amazing. Era is the place to preserve these moments forever.

  • Every season is a new milestone

    Every season is a milestone worth celebrating.  Era is a place to celebrate the milestones as well as who my kids are created to be.

  • Strong community makes strong families

    Cultivating a community worth being a part of is vital. Capturing life is important, but building strong relationships is even better!

  • Join our behind the scenes updates today to get


    Learn more about Era's history and where we are going. Along the way we will shower you with gifts and opportunites to get free photo and video!